Everyone is welcome in Norwich. The story of Winchester Tower.

At the end of January 2020, the United Kingdom left the European Union. Brexit happened.

Whatever view you take on this, you’ll notice through reading my blog that as a former journalist, I try to stay as balanced as possible with my writing.

Our Prime Minister had a party (behind closed doors) while Nigel Farage preached to the converted outside.  Most of my friends posted EU flags across their social media pages.  So far, so fairly normal.

Meanwhile in Norwich, residents in a city council owned tower block were shocked to see a poster duplicated and put on every door with a truly racist and horrible message.

I won’t put the whole thing here but the heading was ‘Happy Brexit Day’ and it was ordering tenants in the tower block to either speak English or move out, along the lines of ‘we have taken our country back’.

The poster was taken down, but not before it circulated on social media and made the national news headlines.

Norwich in the news for all the wrong reasons.

However, only the next day, messages of hope, support and love were put up on the wall by the front door and many Norwich folk gathered to show their solidarity with the tenants.

The response really does mean a lot to the people of this tower. It is extremely important that whoever did the first poster sees the effect it had.

This story has been on my mind all weekend so today Nathaniel and I made our own poster to add to the wall, which has turned into a lovely art display!

Whatever the story behind the original poster (police are continuing their investigation) I do know that it doesn’t represent our city.  Norwich is full of fine people and I love writing about them.

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